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Hafan Cefni

Hafan Cefni 28 Aug 2022.jpg

Here we are at Hafan Cefni with our popular service underway.    It is a pleasure to come here and share worship with so many of the residents.   Many of them are not very mobile and cannot make it to church.   We, then, bring the church to them.   We are finding that there really is a mission to the elderly and we, elderly too, enjoy the fellowship here.

Hafan Cefni Harvest Service

Hafan Cefni 18 Sep.jpg

On Sunday 18th September 2022 we celebrated our harvest at Hafan Cefni in Llangefni as well as remembering our late Queen Elizabeth.   Our congregation was significantly increased with more residents than church members.   We had thirty worshippers of which 20 were Hafan Cefni residents. 


We feel to be doing what our saviour instructed:

"Go into every part of the world and proclaim the gospel to all creation."     (Mark 16:15)

 On Sunday 18th June 2023 we were at Hafan Cefni and had a visitor from Greenville, South Carolina.   He was Rev Jeffrey Meadowcroft a descendant of the founder of our church, James Treweek who was also manager of the copper mines at Parys Mountain.   He agreed to read our gospel Bible reading and put it over well.   Jeffrey comes to the UK to travel by train and visit a number of places which always include Amlwch and the Methodist Church.   Our service was led by Keith Alexander who preached on the Prodigal Son and also told the 27 strong congregation that Jeffrey and he were driving to St David's the following day to visit the cathedral.   They returned on Tuesday 20th June after a wonderful experience seeing the ancient cathedral.

Clwb Y Gorlan

Clwb Y Gorlan.jpg

Clwb Y Gorlan is a community centre in Amlwch.   A number of local groups already hold their meetings here and we have joined their numbers.   Each first Sunday of the month we hold our Cafe Church.   It is a popular service offering a relaxed approach to worship with various activities going on.   The building is perfect for disabled access and offers disabled toilet facilities.   There is a modern kitchen where meals and drinks can be prepared.
If you are wondering what happens in church this is an opportunity to meet us and make your discovery.   Everything we do is inclusive so our welcome is as wide as it can be.   Cafe Church is different on each occasion.   We continually look for new ideas, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

The Forum

Each year from Autumn to Spring we organise this popular meeting where we invite speakers on a variety of subjects to visit us and share with us their knowledge and expertise.
Our next meeting will be on 19th December 2023

Christmas is the theme


Come and join us
we have plenty of seats!

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