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Prayers for the week 25 February 2024 Lent 2

Something New: Trusting God when we don’t understand Great God of the known and the unknown, as we reflect on the stories of the covenant you made with Abram in Genesis 17 and the uncompromising words of Jesus as to what it means to follow him in Mark 8:31-38, we are aware of your presence with us; so familiar but calling us ever deeper into you. Like Abram and the disciples of Jesus, we don’t always feel ready to step out of our comfort zone. All of us, no matter what our age or experience, can be surprised by new opportunities, new challenges and new ways to serve you. Prepare us now, to be up for every new challenge, whatever it involves, however unsettling it may at first seem. We open ourselves to find our confidence in you. Amen.


Based on a prayer in Roots An action prayer to connect with creation in a new way. Go out into God’s creation. Set your mind and seek the things that are above. Bring your sketch or notebook, your Bible, or whatever helps you connect with God. Or perhaps God is inviting you to just bring yourself (with some extra layers!). Note all the signs of the season. Use this time to reflect on the changing season, what we can be thankful for and what new thing God may be calling you to. World God of power and love and light, let the weapons fall silent and the machines of war be dismantled. Let the wounded be healed and the mourners find comfort and hope. Let the refugees return home and communities rise up from the ruins. Let peace and justice flourish in Ukraine, Gaza and everywhere that there is conflict. Church The next few weeks will be busy for many people with various meetings and events taking place as set out below:

1. 22/02/24 Cytun Bangor committee meeting, hosted for the first time by Nick as the new Chair.

2. 23-25/02/24 John at Faith rooted community organising course at Cliff College

3. 25/02/24 St John’s warm space and community lunch.

4. 26/02/24 St John’s Church Council

5. 01/03/24 MWIB service at St John’s Please pray for those involved, that they will be open to what God is saying and doing, that they exercise wisdom in coming to decisions that need to be made and are able to learn new skills or gain knowledge which they can use in their local context. We pray for those taking part in services on Sunday 25 February – the preachers, vestry stewards, meet and greeters, technicians, cleaners, readers, coffee makers or anyone taking part or with any sort of responsibility at all. We pray that God’s presence and love will be made known and that there will be a sense of celebration and meaningful fellowship in each of our churches. We pray for each of our churches through the Lenten period, that the various fellowship groups, prayer meetings and study groups will encourage a depth of spiritual input which will inspire growth, mission and a sense of belonging. We pray for the ongoing work of the Feasibility Study, that as it draws to a close, the insights and patterns for the future life of the Circuit which have emerged will prove to be of benefit in our churches.

Note: each week we hold a 15-minute prayer meeting by zoom to pray specifically for aspects of the Feasibility Study. The next scheduled meeting is 1230 Monday 26 February. Access can be gained using the below link and information. Meeting ID: 972 5046 6383 Passcode: Circuit We offer you our hands, O Lord, to do your work; our lips to sing your praise; our life to proclaim your glory and our heart to serve you in our neighbour. Hildegard of Bergen 1098-1179

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