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Prayers for the week 16 June 2023

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Let us pray then to our Father in Heaven, Creator, life-giver, ground of our being. Let us pray in faith that God holds each of us in his hand and only wants good things for us.   So let us put our hand in his, giving thanks for the past and entrusting the present and future to him.


                                       Care for Creation                                 Lord, open our eyes each day to see something new and wonderful in your world, so we may choose to be more considerate towards your creation during this week.

Action Prayer

Think of someone who has shown you kindness in the last few days. For a few moments thank God for that person and pray that they may experience kindness today from God and others.


General Election

We pray for those who are standing for election, for their safety, and that they may show a willingness to listen as well as to speak. We pray for truthfulness and kindness to prevail as the issues are debated. We pray that voters will listen actively and demonstrate love-filled curiosity towards those they may disagree with or do not understand. Amen.



We pray for stability in governments across the world, thinking especially of the concerning lurch in Europe towards harder right-wing politics and the undercurrent of intolerance that prevails in many places. We pray for the various countries having elections this year, particularly in France and USA, that the elections would bring unity and not sow further seeds of dissension.


We pray for people in those many areas in the world presently suffering from extreme weather conditions – particularly those in parts of Europe and India suffering from extreme heatwaves.


We pray peace for in Gaza and for both Israel and Hamas to accept the USA promoted plan for a ceasefire which has been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.



We hold before God all those events in our church calendars taking place in the next few weeks – the regular services, bible studies, prayer meetings, fellowship groups and community activities – remembering all who will be attending and all who put time and effort into making these things happen.


This week we also pray for……..


  1. Local Church groups and Cytuns involved in hosting local election hustings in their areas. We pray for the Bangor Cytun which has combined with the Quaker Fellowship in Bangor to organise local election hustings on 25 June at the Quaker Meeting House and Holyhead Cytun as it gets ready to host local election hustings at St Mary’s Church Hall on 27 June. We pray for all those involved in the organisation process, that the events will go off smoothly and that people will respect one another as candidates debate the issues and present their views.


  1. The advert for the Anglesey Lay worker which has now been sent out, that the right person will be found for the role.


  1. Heather and the Circuit Sabbatical support team as they look to keep things ticking over in the absence of Rev Nick.


  1. The St John’s stewards and helpers as they get ready to welcome the Knitted Bible Exhibition over the summer at the Church Site and plan how best to integrate this into the life of the church without it hindering other activities.


  1. Sue and her team of helpers as they plan and think ahead to the Holiday Club at St John’s in late July, this year being run jointly with the Mosaic Church.


  1. Bangor Cytun as it organises the Praise on the Pier event on 7 July.


  1. Capel Zinc which will be hosting an Afternoon Tea and Songs of Praise event on 7 July.


  1. Holyhead Cytun as it looks to organise a Tent and have a presence at the Holyhead Festival on 27 July.


Heavenly Lord, weaver of life and cementer of relationships, we pray that you will weave us into your goodness and into each other. Amen

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