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Letter from Rev  David & Mrs  Liz Jones

Dear friends,

I was browsing my laptop when I came across this prose. I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

         “ As the year comes to an end I urge you to take care of yourself and avoid accidents, because spare parts of old models like us are no longer in stock. Pass this onto other old models you care about .”

This really made me smile, but there’s a sadness about it too.

Most of us who are seeing this have probably got some body bits  we’d love to replace, but the bits that really matter are there and working.

The experiences we’ve had, the people we knew, the adventures we’ve had, the wisdom we’ve collected, and most importantly our communion with our heavenly Father in heaven whose Holy Spirit is with us always.

I am quite surprised how many passages in the Bible I can quote which were taught to me in Sunday School and am very grateful for those distant memories.  As the gaps appear in our memories and our knees and hips creak and grind, we must be grateful for all that still works !

As we prepare for Christmas, may your joints stop squeaking, and your memories cheer you, and let us be thankful that Jesus promised -                “I am with you always.” Matthew 28.20 ….He will never forget our names. He loves us- as we might say “ warts an’ all” .                                                             God bless His Holy Name !

PS…. old machine parts become more valuable as time passes !

                                                 Our love to you all,

                                                           God Bless

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David & Liz

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